What Clients Say

T324 is about building relationships. We want you to feel good about your site or marketing campaign from start to finish. We take the time to get to know your business, so we can custom-tailor the work we do to your needs. Here's a few words from our many happy customers!

I wanted to take a few minutes and share with you all what a wonderful experience that we had with David Daniels and the team from T324. David and his team helped us completely rebuild our company website so that it now shows our company in a whole new light and has attracted a number of new prospects that have already been converted to customers.

The T324 team is knowledgeable, engaging, creative and have a sense of humor. They made the entire process, even approaching deadlines, a completely enjoyable experience and I would heartily recommend the T324 team to anyone looking to launch a new website or retire their old site and roll out something shiny and new. For us it is making a difference in our business and our customer's perception of us and I thank David Daniels and the T324 team.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a cool and profitable tool this site has become. We've had people tell us that it's the best site in our niche industry.

John Size
Quality Quartz Engineering/Behm Quartz Industries

Team - the HLG site looks wonderful.  Had fun navigating around it today.  Congrats on this beautiful result.

The Henry Levy Group

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for checking in.

The work that you did was perfect, timely, and super helpful! -And yes, everything seems to be working great! You did an excellent job!

Shiloh Alexis Elias
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce

Hi Tim, I have to say that we are very happy with the style changes!  The new colors look GREAT, we're very happy with what you've done...thank you!!!  Thanks again so much, really appreciate all of your hard work! It's been a absolute pleasure working with you guys!!

Debbie Blackwell
BAE Systems

Thanks so very much Brian – I still remember the lucky day I walked by your office and decided to stop by. You and your company have provided excellent service to HomeownershipSF and at a much more affordable rate than what we were paying.

Today’s response to my call at 4:30 pm and having the problem fixed by 4:50 pm is just one of many examples of the high quality and responsive service you have spoiled us with.  Thanks again for everything.

Josie Ramirez

If you're not satisfied with your website and are looking for a user friendly, savvy tech company for a reasonable price, then I highly recommend T324 on Solano Avenue in Albany.  They offer a full range of services, all backed with a highly efficient organization for tracking customers' needs and staff who are always available, patient, and ready to assist.

I needed a way to enter my own website (in Dreamweaver) and do edits and additions myself, and to be able to write and send out my monthly newsletter.  The staff took me through every step and worked with me until I got the process working for myself.  

The owner, David Daniels, has lived in the area all his life and comes from a family that had a successful local business, so T324, even though it is a tech company, has the flavor of a neighborhood/community oriented company.  Very easy to do business with.

Ann McGinnis
Wild Heart Enterprises

The Chanler Group hired these guys to set up our website, and they hung on through many, many iterations...and finally we have a great website up and running.  It's easy to edit and manage, is built to spec, and Brian was absolutely courteous and helpful despite the last-minute edits and multiple delays.  And they even sent us cake after the website launched!  Couldn't have asked for a better team.

Bernice Dea
The Chanler Group

I wanted to let you know that we've been very, very pleased with Brian's support in developing the business recycling web portal. He's been super responsive and helpful to say the least. Not only has he executed developing a very useful tool for us, but he continues to provide great support. 

I'd be happy to chat anytime to express a much more long winded version of our well-deserved appreciation, because he truly continues to be a pleasure to work with.

Cliff Feldman
Recycling Programs Manager, RethinkWaste