Our Process

Are you focused on what matters most to your business?
We start with your business objectives and then identify the best website approach to accomplish them.

We've developed a four-step process to implement our projects and deliver sustained results. With your business objectives as the driver, every step is designed to accomplish those objectives and deliver the return on investment that you expect.

All projects start with a Consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to understand your business objectives, constraints, and priorities in order to create the best website plan. We review what you're trying to accomplish, where you are facing challenges, and how website improvements can help. At the same time, we look for whether we would be a good fit to work together — this includes whether we are a good match both in capabilities and working style.

Next step is the Proposal. The Proposal outlines options for accomplishing the objectives identified in the consultation. We draw from our repertoire of services in design, development, and content to tailor a project plan customized for you. We work hard to determinie the scope and requirements of your project in advance, to avoid problems during implementation. Our deliverables are line itemed at a fixed price (sometimes a range) so that the costs are clear up front. 

Third is Implementation. This is where the work happens and the project actually gets done!  We have proscribed tools and processes that vary depending upon the type of project. However, all have certain things in common, such as the need to maintain a schedule at all times, formal signoffs at key junctures, and changeorders if the scope changes.

Last is Maintenance. It is critical to plan for maintenance, to ensure your site preserves its value to your business and its security from ever-evolving outside technology developments. You should expect it to be a significant cost and effort over the lifetime of the site. We offer a number of support services that fit into this final step.