Why should I care if my website works on a phone?

There are several very good reasons why you should care if your website works well on a phone.

The first reason is a very practical one: more than half of all website views are now done on a phone. The phone has become our collective web browser of choice. Even if you don't use a phone that much, many of your customers probably do. If your website is difficult to use on a phone, people will just move on. 

Where should I host my website?

We provide hosting for the sites that we develop and almost always require clients to use our hosting unless they have equivalent hosting of their own. The reason is that today's websites are complicated. They require a hosting environment that is optimized to the particular content management sytsem in order to run efficiently. They require parallel environments for development, testing, and production. They require proper backups or face the prospect of an expensive and time consuming rebuild if an upgrade goes awry. And the list goes on...