2013 Tech Trends roundup!

What do you think will happen with technology trends in 2013?

Is personalization the wave after globalization? Will computers that can recognize the face of a kitty become the first machine intelligences? Will your house get smart (the "Internet of Things")? Will you wear wearable electronics? Will you hyper-converge?

Here's a roundup of T324's favorite predictive articles, with no guarantees- it's the Wild West out there!

2013 tech trends
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There's a great dialogue about what's ahead for 2013 in the niche social environment at Quora, where tech CEOs enjoy sharing their expertise.

Wifi everywhere, as app become ever more important to retailers, even in the physical bricks & mortar environment. Retailers will start to get their heads around how to use consumer tech for more than facilitating home shopping or product research.

Here's 2013's top three tech priorities for small business owners. Reuters goes with the very popular 3D printing as a Top Three tech trend. Wendy White of Moonfruit plumps for mobile and reminds us that content thrives in the soil of social. NFC (think "Tap And Go" payments) and SDN (Software Defined Networking) are favored players.

At Forbes, the IEEE Computer Society predicts IoT growth and Gartner confirms that your phone is your lifeline:

Promising to be the most disruptive technology since the World Wide Web, the Internet of Things is predicted to result in up to 100 billion Internet-connected objects by 2020.

In 2013, mobile devices will pass PCs to be most common Web access tools. By 2015, over 80% of handsets in mature markets will be smart phones.

Business Insider says enterprise technology will get big funding dollars in 2013. Startups servicing concepts like "big data", "everything-as-a-service", and enabling the flight to the cloud are popular with investors.

Another thing everybody's talking about are the consumerization of IT (and its attendant security risks, because in 2013 it's more likely your mobile will be hacked than your home PC.)

Then there's gesture control, and setting up shop in the BRIC. ("I'm from the future. Go to China.")

Of course, there's plenty more to forecast about.

This very comprehensive slide deck from digital strategy agency Webbmedia will give you a full predictive rundown if you want to go beyond the basics.

Meanwhile, we wish you the greatest success in your industry this year, and we're here to help you move your website into the future!