App integration puts your website to work for your business!

We're hearing from our clients that they want their site to deliver their service better, more scalably, and at lower cost or higher profit.

This increased functionality can be delivered with third-party systems (such as ZenDesk for customer support or Basecamp for project management).

Third party apps or systems means you can add specialized technology to your site, enriching your business process. However, these applications have not typically "talked" with each other in the past. If your ecommerce store can't share information with your mailing list manager, it's hard to send follow up marketing emails to customers.

Now, this is changing. As cloud computing expands, integration services such as Zapier, itDuzzit, and CloudWork (to name just a few) allow you to connect your apps.

Using these, your CRM (perhaps can easily share data with your mailing list system (perhaps Campaign Monitor) and your document system ( Your website is right smack in the middle of it all, providing a hub for your clients to interact with your company and its array of cloud services.

These new technologies save time and money for businesses. If your company can benefit from specialized apps that connect with your website and one another, we'll find the best one for you and get it linked up.