The Caffrey Insurance New Website: Compassionate by Design

The Caffrey Insurance New Website: Compassionate by Design

Often times, it can be difficult to take that special emotional place inside of us where our compassion resides and translate that compassion into real-world life-changing actions. But with only five minutes of talking with Lynn Caffrey, it quickly settles in, that for some people, its not that difficult. She is literally the embodiment of the compassion-to-action process. That's just one of the reasons she has received an award for Best Health Insurance Broker in the East Bay Area.

With over thirty years of experience in helping others receive affordable healthcare, she turns her compassion into action on a daily basis. Lynn conducted much of her start in the 1980s Bay Area, a time and a place where people were dying by the week from the rapid spread of HIV. As someone who has always been motivated by helping others, Lynn knew she had to use her own life experiences to help improve the life and culture of the Bay Area by assisting others with finding the best Health coverage possible. And While Caffrey’s online reviews speak for themselves, Lynn will tell you its really all about hard work. Lynn works tirelessly to manage her business, it is her as well as her staff’s drive to help others that keeps the mission alive and growing from year to year.

And the more we saw Lynn's compassion to serve, the more we found our problem as web designers. How do we take a passion like Lynn’s and translate that into a website that is

asreceptive to potential clients as Lynn could be? Well, we began with a straightforward design that maximized the solicitation for a customer’s call to action. Caffrey let us know that one issue they face in their industry is reducing the stress load on what can sometimes be an extremely stressful process in navigating the tricky waters of selecting the best insurance plans. So we, decided to reduce any work load that might come into the hands of Caffrey or their customers, by placing forms online to be able to be edited, submitted, and received all without any need for a client to have to leave home.

Because it was one of Caffrey’s top concern to be able to educated the constantly changing laws and issues surrounding Healthcare, we built in a blog that allowed for easy access for Caffrey to publish and share new articles and their own industry posts.

Working with a company that is so compassionate not just for their customers, but the health of the public in general, is something we here at T324 take a genuine pride in. We feel we've done a solid job here bridging the gap between a fiery heart felt compassion and a earth changing action. We are proud of our creation and even more proud to be part of the Caffrey Insurance Solutions Team.