A free tip to help your site ranking: intrasite linking!

Want an easy and free tip to help your site ranking?

Intrasite linking - a link from one page of your site to another- boosts your site ranking and is easy to do yourself. If you have a CMS like Wordpress or Drupal that allows you to edit your own site, you can add links from one page to another yourself. For example, when a customer mentions a product in your testimonials, you can link to that product's page.blog-snippet-widget

Intrasite links help search engines index your site, as well assign more authority to pages.

Don't overdo it, though. Two links on your site pointing to one of your pages are good. Ten dilutes the "link juice" you can get from external linkback, especially when you score a linkback from a big site with a lot of "domain authority". Related post links are great for your blog traffic, and keep visitors on your site longer. Widgets that update your home page with your latest blog posts can provide intrasite links automatically.

Automatic home page blog posting also helps your site ranking by providing links to your fresh content, which is assigned more authority than "stale" content by the Google algorithm.

And let's talk about the human element for a moment: a site that has blog, news or event content less than a week old on its home page looks fresh and cared for, like the company is reaching out with its online presence. This has a visceral effect on the site visitor. Of course, if you have a blog or news scroll you also have to commit to having a team member posting fresh content on the regular! Don't have a CMS like Wordpress or Drupal? Blog isn't hosted on your site? Have to call a designer every time you need a little change to your site? Don't know what SEO actually does? Call us, we'll help!