Functional Artistry: The Work of Lunt Marymor and Their Newest Website

Functional Artistry: The Work of Lunt Marymor and Their Newest Website

LuntMarymor is in the business of making good structures safe. They specialize in making systems that save lives, so whatever they make must work well, and that’s what they delivery with every project, safety and reassurance. With years of experience in the construction industry, Lunt Marymor has crossed over that special threshold that only experience and wisdom in craftsman ship can bring, which is not only making things to serve a functional purpose, but to make things look good along the way. And seeing as the binding of finesse and functionality seemed to be one of the tenants of their company, we wanted to make sure to represent that quality in their new website.

The first point of contact was through T324 Head of Sales, Jason Wizelman. "I knew when I met with them they had big goals for their new site, and it was our job to build those goals into a reality. And like all good building projects, we had to start with a solid foundation to really elevate their brand."

From a functional stand point, we needed to ensure that the site was driving prospective clients to contact. So embedded frequent call to action solicitation into the design. With a sleek menu bar we took the guess work out of navigating through the site. And for the homepage, we decided to include an advertising video to refortify brand and name recognition.

Not that we needed to do much work in that department. Lunt Marymor had pretty much solidified their expertise in the educational videos they have made for industry professionals and eco-conscious homeowner. Company President, Leigh Marymor has created, and starred in, some pretty amazing online videos aimed at maximizing sustainability for homeowners that we also embedded in the site. When we saw the videos we knew we were dealing with someone who wasnt just in the business of ethical construction practices, but someone actively working towards a more sustainable future for all of us.

And while it was almost easy to make sure their site was functional, its was a different story altogether to simultaneously ad a level of design that caught the eye. Enter Tim. Tim Howarth is the lead UI Designer here at T324 and he had special plans for the site, “Sitting down with their staff was by far the best input I’ve gotten from any client involved in the design process. The ideas they were coming up with were way outside the box for what I was expecting. And that was very good for me, as a designer, to see such interest coming from their end.” After weeks of poring his energy into a consistent creative focus, the images we was coming up with were stunning. Almost too stunning. When we submitted Tim’s drafts back to LuntMarymor their initial reaction was praise for Tim’s exceptional work, but found the design to be so modern that it could detract from the client's ability to follow through with a call to action. Ultimately we decided to take a lesson from the LuntMarymor playbook and heir on the side of safety. And in so doing, we took good High Quality images, and added on top of them, buttons that served as links to contacting the company without prospective clients having to take the extra steps to fill out forms or make phone calls to generate warm leads. We also made sure that any information customers might need was easy to locate and easy to understand.

In the end we were left with a site that was inspiring as it was informational. With this one we feel like we're standing in a place LuntMarymor has known for years, the intersection where Goals meet Reality.