Launch of the Website of Marc William Daniels Esq.!

T324 congratulates Marc William Daniels, Esq. on the completion of his website! Marc Daniels owns his own outstanding bankrupcy law firm in New York, taking pride in his development of caring, trusting relationships with his clients.  His firm goes the extra mile to ensure clients are not treated like numbers and that they are supported every step of the way, even after settlement.  For those looking for a truly experienced attorney, Marc Daniels is the man for the job.  He makes what can be a scary process feel calm and under control, and truly puts the well-being of his clients first.  For legal needs outside the realm of bankruptcy, Marc is happy to cover a wide range of tasks, and for things outside his scope of practice, he has many qualified contacts to refer you out to.  So if you're in the New York area and need a great attorney, think Marc Daniels!