Living local at Dinner With Albany

What a great event Dinner With Albany is! We're so glad we participated and got to see the community engaged in such a relaxing, delightful way. Solano Avenue was a sea of tables (nearly 300!) when the event started at 5:30, with dozen of green-shirted Albany High teens running around.Dinner with Albany by Flickred!/JasonHolmberg By 6pm the crowds were pouring in to the closed-off blocks and by 6:45, every table was full of laughing neighbors.

Many groups had decorated their tables elaborately; we particularly liked the gothic Halloween-themed tables next door to ours! Solano Avenue Association Executive Director and Events Manager Allen Cain was on hand and stopped by to visit. The music from Bill Evans and Bangers & Grass was wonderful classic bluegrass, and you could hear it perfectly thanks to speakers installed along the street. (lovely picture by Flickr user Flickred!)

Our favorite East Bay pizza palace, the amazing Little Star, was booked solid, so we went with delicious Indian takeout from the busy folks at ever-popular Cafe Raj.

A huge cream-colored harvest moon rising over the street with its canopy of lights made us immensely glad to live in this lovely place.

What an amazing job by Chelle Putzer, Community Services Manager from the City of Albany, and her hard-working team. It's two years til the next Dinner With Albany, but meanwhile you can see some charming photos in the Albany Patch Gallery here!