Magenta's Newest website a designed for designers

Building websites is easy. It’s what we do. Bakers bake, Dancers dance, and we build websites. BUT… Building websites for designers, is hard. Designers are always using a keen eye, judging symmetries, colors, and contours usually invisible to most people. It’s difficult to produce artistically stunning work for someone who also consistently produces artistically stunning work themselves. And that’s Magenta. Since 2002, Magenta has consistently brought their passion for color, form, and fun, to create Home décor works of art.

We knew that whatever we came up with had to be as desirable as their own work. Which turned out to be easy, given that we tried to include as many images of their products into their site. Images we were getting of their work were truly the kind of images that sell themselves. Which is exactly what you would want In an E-commerce site. A calm symmetry in design brings an even flow to the users experience, which hopefully will maximize conversions to sales.

We were able to organize the images with a tile structure to the home page showcasing cool rounded images inside that entice to click. Not that we needed the help. With the stellar home decor products that Magenta is showcasing, we would click no matter what. As a matter of fact, some of us even thought when we leave a list of desired presents for the upcoming holiday, we might just leave the link for magenta. This was a great project for us at T324, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with such amazing artists.