More extreme value tips for your geeky Halloween from T324 and 99 Cents Only Stores.

We'd like to share a few more party tips inspired by, who recently had us upgrade their site to a mobile friendly version.

Now you can shop for Halloween goodies fast and easy on your tablet or smartphone. Say, while you're waiting at the dentist's office (because sugar). (Update 10/24/2013: 99Only has suspended ordering online, but you can still buy all these goodies in-store.) 99Only had T324 update their site for mobile users just this summer, and it's very quick and user-friendly. We also recently did a roundup of our favorite scores from our local 99Only store! The black spider doilies in the photo are made of a heavy, felt-y paper and come in packs of six for 99¢- truly a great value. The chargers seen below can be dressed up with a yard of black lace and a dozen black plastic spiders and bats, cut off their plastic rings. All you need is a glue gun. We advise glue gunning with care, but not too much care. It's good to burn yourself with the glue gun, it helps you know you're alive.

Put an orange-frosted cupcake on these leaf plates- or a patch of marzipan pumpkins (the Odense website also has a video for making marzipan brains! ) Adorbs. 99Only leaf plate Halloween

Luscious mousse brains.

Use a mousse recipe that contains gelatin, and double the gelatin. (We like to use blackberry, and serve with creme anglaise or raspberry sauce). Spray the mold with Pam, and chill it before you pour the mousse in. Set overnight, refrigerated. To release, put the mold on your serving plate (choose a fairly sturdy one or a plain steel rimmed baking tray, for the disturbing laboratory or hospital effect), then lay a hot, wet, wrung-out dishtowel over the mold for thirty seconds. Hold the serving tray and mold together and give 'em a whack on the counter. Your brain should release nicely.630184_3 Some other suggestions: The adorable sugar-buzz blog Cakespy has a whole list of things to do with leftover Halloween candy, so make sure to buy enough to have leftovers. You can make Leftover Halloween Candy Pie anytime, you know! Plus, check out this entirely insane feature justifiably called "Thirteen Ways to Mess With Candy Corn", this fab piece on "What Happens to Halloween Candy When It DIES!" (emphasis ours) and a pure sugar orgy with repurposed fun-size bars. Really, you can't possibly buy too much Halloween candy. You can always make pendants out of it and sell it on Etsy!