New Features, New Sites, New Futures: Unveiling Wolfe Construction's New Site

As the old saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together" and the old adage never rang more true, than when recently, one of the Bay Area's finest home builder's met the Bay Area's most premier Web Development teams.

When T324 and Wolfe Construction Contractors met back in June at National Association of Remodeling Industry, Wolfe was looking for an image upgrade. After decades of hard work, and steadily increasing project sizes, Wolfe had outgrown its humble beginnings and was starting to spread it wings. With client acquisition expanding and the pace of work starting to move faster than ever, Wolfe knew they needed to build a new web presence they could trust to help them grow into their expanding future, and they found that trust with T324. Jason Wizelman, Head of Business Development at T324, began talks with Mr. Spencer Wolfe, Founder of Wolfe Construction, and immediately a bond was formed. Spencer needed to promote a new kind of brand in a new direction. A fresh identity, a business logo with lasting quality, designs and colors to catch eyes and tastes, and ultimately a website that would stand out above the rest and properly reflect the superior qualities that Spencer had worked to instill in his business over the years.

With constant meetings and a close relationship, the T324 team was able to use the tools of their trade to build Wolfe Construction an interactive website and a lasting marketing presence. From the start of the project we knew we had to showcase Wolfe in the best possible light, and with a construction company taking on projects on the cutting edge of class and design, we knew we had to build something equally as unique. When it came to showing the world the quality of Wolfe's work, we knew the photos they were submitting would speak for themselves, so we got to work on customizing a robust portfolio that maximized its own ability for user-friendliness. We made sure that any user on Wolfe's team could add and subtract photos with a simple drag-and-drop capability. And we even went one step further to ensure not only was that process easy, but nothing short of amazing. When photos are added to the Wolfe site, they are automatically optimized to ensure the best image quality available in every shot, with not a detail left unseen. We created a dynamic menu a bar that adds a sense of fluidity and professionalism to the page, literally raising the bar for web design features.

And just as the brilliance of Wolfe's construction projects speak for themselves in their photos, so do their customer reviews, so we knew displaying reviews would need to be another prominent aspect of the site build. That’s why we made it easy for the Wolfe team to find and submit customer testimonials to their site, and have those testimonials automatically displayed on their homepage. We also made sure to prominently display Wolfe’s accolades and business associations on every page so that their positive business relationships follow them just as closely as their reputation.

With the selection of color and fonts, to facilitating a seamless back-end navigation, T324 took on every aspect of the site build from start to finish and is proud to unveil its latest site and last partnership with it's friends and partners at Wolfe construction. With this one we truly feel we have flown the coup and soared to new heights pushing the boundaries of on-line web development. From such great heights we can see the future ahead and it’s looking amazing.