A new website design for Golden State Orthopaedics by T324!

T324 is happy to present another newly-completed website, an entirely custom full site design project for Golden State Orthopaedics.

Golden State Orthopaedics products include orthopaedic devices and supplies, including hip, knee, shoulder, cement, biologic and operating room products. Golden State wanted a site where both patients and doctors could quickly and easily find answers to their questions about orthopaedic devices, access their deep informational resources, search for products, watch videos and make easy online inquiries.

We created a site that meets their needs in a clean, straightforward style that helps make orthopaedic medical intervention accessible. We love the "Stories" tab on their new site, where patients can read real-world case studies to help them make medical decisions, and the "Where Does It Hurt?" menu that appears both on the home page and as a sidebar on the "Patients" and "Physicians" pages. Golden State has contracted with us for IT support and email management so that they can be confident that all their systems are at 100%!