Protect your domain name from slammers!

If you own a domain name, it's possible you've gotten a letter in the mail or received an email warning you that "your domain is about to expire" (see example notice to the left). domain slammers

It is usually from a company you’ve never heard of (like the Domain Registry of America) or has a return address like "Attention Domain Registration Notice" and no company name at all. Odds are, it’s a scam from domain slammers.

Wikipedia defines Domain slamming as a “form of scam in which a domain name registrar attempts to trick customers into switching from their existing registrar to the scamming registrar under the pretense that the customer is simply renewing their subscription to their old registrar.”

Domain slamming can be scary and confusing, because sometimes the letters look quite real, but it's not like the old phone company slammers- they can't switch you without your consent.

Emails like this one, which subtly threaten your SEO ranking and allege search engine benefits, are a newer wrinkle on the old scam- but they're still scams!

If you get this type of letter from a company that you’ve never done business with, it is safe to say that you can just toss or delete it. If your domain is being managed by T324 (which most of our clients opt for), then you don’t need to do anything. We automatically renew it so that it never expires.

If you have a domain registered with a third-party registrar such as GoDaddy, you need to remember to renew it and always keep your registration information up-to-date.

Every year we have a handful of clients that lose their domain name because they forget to do so. If you are in this situation and you ever want T324 to manage your domain instead, just let us know!