Smart is the new black.

While we wait for news coverage of the annual Smart Fabrics conference to trickle out, let's check out some other wearable tech developments!

We wrote about Stick-N-Find wireless trackers back in December, and now they're shipping in lots of decorator colors! Put 'em on your phone, your kid's jacket or shoes, your keys, your pet.

In design trends, we love the earlier work of Beijing designer Vega Wang, like Into the Deep, and we adore her recent design collection Alpha Lyrae, a collab with the creators project.

Check out this gorgeous video of the design process here. Wang's S/S 2013 collection for ready-to-wear echoes Alpha Lyrae, with exquisite galactic prints that have been copied to the mass market all the way from Etsy to Target already.vega-zaishi-wang-alpha-lyrae-1

Although aspects of Barbie's aspirational positioning are toxic, we've always liked that she was a Computer Engineer in 2010. We thought the binary & circuit-print outfit was great, too. (Not so crazy about the 2010 News Anchor version, where she looks uncannily like Nicole Kidman in To Die For!)

And in an exciting development, this summer a Barbie with a programmable LED dress is coming out. I can't wait to see this hacked! You can also now see the dress that likely inspired Barbie's, one of Cute Circuit's LED creations, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.