T324 announces a new site for Bay Area Medical Academy

T324 site for BAMA

T324 is excited to announce the launch of a new, mobile-friendly website for Bay Area Medical Academy.

Bay Area Medical Academy provides technical education and training for long-term employment in the healthcare field. The mission of Bay Area Medical Academy is to provide job-oriented training in high-growth, high-demand areas of the health care field, therefore fulfilling the workforce needs of the medical facilities in the Bay Area. BAMA prepares individuals from different socio-economic, cultural and educational backgrounds for successful, long-term careers in the field.

BAMA had some specific technical goals they wanted to achieve, such as maintaining the ability to scroll in the text pane seen here while the page is both responsively resized for a mobile device and horizontally resized, and T324 used powerful Drupal 7 tech to smoothly realize this functionality.

The big, bright images of students and teachers at BAMA's facility resize dynamically and keep their ratio, so they can be displayed beautifully on any size monitor or device. With links to social media and a blog that updates automatically to the home page, BAMA will be able to engage with students and prospective students in a rich new way.

T324 encourages businesses of every kind to get their sites mobile-friendly ("responsive") as soon as possible, to connect with the new mobile-only customer base. If you'd like your site to look great on mobile, call T324 at 510-525-9510 and set up a free consultation.