T324 welcomes new website design client NY Learning Center!

We're excited to be working with Norman and Yasmin Lozano, co-founders of the NY Learning Center, which offers after-school and summer learning programs for children and young students with developmental disabilities.

We're building a brand new new website for the East Bay-based center, and looking forward to seeing Norman and Yasmin's vision realized in this important update!

NY Learning Center's mission is to enable children and young adults to achieve their full potential, and its goal is to pursue that mission with expertise, integrity and respect. The Learning Center believes that every person has the right to be included in a welcoming society, and that all members of integrated communities benefit, through respect for diversity and the recognition that each one contributes in a unique, individual way.

The after-school program offers school aged children with developmental disabilities academic support, enrichment activities, and help developing the skills and self-esteem that this underserved population needs for success in life. Families rely on NYLC to provide services that enable children with developmental disabilities to learn so that when they are in classroom or on their own, they have the skills needed to absorb and process information. The program curriculum targets independent living skills, mobility skill training, fine art, expressive/receptive language skills, and social skills.

NY Learning Centers provide students individualized help with schoolwork, opportunities to follow their own interests, to learn about the importance of nutrition and exercise, and to establish connections with concerned and caring adults in an environment of safety. In addition, parents and family members are given support and training dealing with the difficult issues of raising a child with developmental disabilities and navigating the system of special education. The after-school program serves students ages 5-22 with developmental disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and intellectual disability.