UC Berkeley's Urban Displacement Project Charts New Territories with a New Website

UC Berkeley's Urban Displacement Project Charts New Territories with a New Website

T324 is a Berkeley local business that takes a huge amount of pride in the fact that that we work and serve in our beautiful city. With Urban Displacement currently effecting tens of thousands individuals across the Bay Area its easy to see and feel the world changing around us almost daily.

So, when we were approached by the University of California in Berkeley to build them a site for one of their research projects we were honored to be part of the project. One, because we were humbled to be approached by not only our local college, but one that is globally recognized as one of the best universities in the world. And two, their particular project was of keen interest to our community and how we, as a business, operate within it. But with the hundreds of sites that we have built over the years, we hadn’t built one specifically for a research project. So, we decided to put our best foot forward by tackling the difficult tasks first.  

And, often, one of the most difficult tasks in science is finding ways to translate scientific findings to an unscientific community. Everyone from NASA to your 3rd grade teacher struggels with this issue and the Urban Displacement Project is no different. The Urban Displacement Project unearths how people of our community move from one place to another, where they come from, where they go, and why. Obviously this entails loads of technical data, and we needed to make sure we represented that technical data in a way that anyone in the general public could access and makes sense of the information.

So we decided first and foremost, we would need a map, literally. We built an interactive map that easily displayed the projects findings, and we prominently displayed the map on their homepage. And with new information on the project’s subject coming out daily, we created a “Recent Media” and “Recent News” sections to be displayed on their homepage that was customized to make uploading new links to articles as easy as possible for the user.

Another important aspect of the project were the case findings, obviously we needed the vast findings to be well organized and easily displayed to increase the amount of time each person exploring the material to stay engaged and increase the amount of time they spent on each page. So when it came to creating our Case Studies page, we facilitated the information by placing the accompanying graphics in easy to use and understand drop down menus, that were quick, to the point, and engaging.

Getting in touch and beginning a dialogue with the general public was one of the most important attributes that the Berkeley Urban Displacement project wanted to gain in their new website. So when it came to implementing a social media strategy, we knew we had to make it easy for the project to make and alter posts with the greatest of ease. So we came up with a cross posting idea that autofilled content created on their end, to be automatically placed across their social media spectrum, Facebook, Twitter etc. So no longer was their website a sitting brochure with a trove of information waiting to be stumbled upon, but an aggressive information and outreach campaining constantly reaching out to strangers online supplying them with their constantly updating array of research findings.

When the dust had settled and the project was complete, we looked back on this multi layered learning experience as something we can proudly present to ourselves and our community for years to come. And we offer up a sincere thank you to the Berkely Urban displacement project in letting us help our community in the best way we know how, building quality websites that bridge the gap between organizations and the communities they aim to serve.