Urban Chickens snacking it up!

Here's T324 owner David Daniels' backyard chickens chowing on some delicious leftover mac 'n' cheese.chicken-cheese David's family enjoys these guys as pets and for tasty eggs. They're low-maintenance and entertaining, and it seems like everyone in the East Bay has chickens.

But did you know there's an urban chicken backlash?

Here's a fascinating article from The Atlantic "Cities" site about the increasingly passionate dialogue: "At this point in the locavore narrative, urban chicken-keeping has vocal advocates and an adamant opposition. Some cities welcome backyard poultry with open arms, while others are more skeptical. As the practice grows, the two sides seem prepared for a long, drawn out war on the value and propriety of chicken-keeping within city limits. "  

We say, don't harsh the squee!! Urban Chickens are here to stay!