Why SEO? Or, AAA Locksmiths for the 21st Century.

T324 staffer Suzanne here with a story! Recently T324 had a booth at the Joint Chamber Business Expo put on by the Albany, Berkeley and Emeryville Chambers of Commerce. While owner David Daniels manned the booth, I walked around and chatted. While talking to an event manager from a local civic organization, I learned that she didn't know what SEO is.

I explained it to her and she was intrigued. So I thought perhaps others might be interested in a quick explanation as well.

T324 offers a variety of technology services, and one of our most popular is SEO. However, the exact nature of SEO or Search Engine Optimization remains a mystery to many people. What is this Internet witchcraft, and why do I need it for my web site? The good news is, thanks to the Internet, your business can be promoted to the entire world. The bad news is, your business is competing with the entire world.

When a potential customer enters "load hauling" into the Google search field, the answers that come up are ranked by incredibly complex algorithms governed by things like back-links, keywords and search term density. You want your business to come up as close to the top as possible, and there are techniques to get it there -- just as in the days of the Yellow Pages, when businesses added extra A's to their names to improve their alphabetical listing. That's where SEO and the SEO experts at T324 come in.

"Optimizing" your website for search engines means setting it up so that when search engine spiders go out looking for words related to your business, they find you right away. It also means getting links that go back to you.

The process goes right down to the code of your site, affecting components like tags and page names (titles). Although optimizing takes time and research, it's one of the most cost-effective ways to increase traffic to your site and win new customers, so consider investing in it!