Is your site ready for a Call To Action?

Are you ready to drive more business from your website?

A 2012 website should have a call to action on every main page. You get the most value from your site by encouraging the potential customers who visit to engage with you as a business, whether it's by filling out a contact form, requesting a quote, signing up for a mailing list or making a phone call to talk to your friendly staff.


Using a call to action feature will provide direction to users of your site, let you to measure the effectiveness of your messaging, and create a sense of dynamism.

But how do you get your site visitors to respond to the call to action?

You need to tell your potential customers what their problem or need is and how activating the call to action will address that need.

For example, if your business is hauling, you can have text like "Garage full of junk?" above a call to action button that says "Click here for an instant hauling quote!". Active language like "Call now!" encourages customers to move forward; incentives like "for a free consultation" help users make the decision.

If you want customers to sign up for a mailing list, make it worth their while to enter their email; offer special deals to mailing list members.

Once you have your call to action, make sure you're ready to service it. If you put an online reservation button on your site, you could get a reservation within fifteen minutes- one of our clients did.

Be ready to make the transition to 24-hour inbound activity, and if you offer mailing list sign-up, have a newsletter in the pipeline so once you've got some sign-ups you can send it out.

If you have a contact form, make sure you're checking the email box it goes to right away.

The call to action shown here, on a site we recently built for Quality Quartz Engineering, leads to a query submission form customers can use to ask product questions.

QQE's service-focused staff are ready to answer. A call to action means engaging with your site- both for you and for all your new customers!