Business Expo, 2011! T324 taking your questions

Business Expo, 2011! T324 attended the business expo sponsored by the Albany, Berkeley and Emeryville chambers of commerce this past Thursday, 5/19. This annual event is an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn more about local businesses, and businesses to answer questions about what we do. Some of the web site questions we received over the course of the evening:

1. Question: Can clients

self-edit T324 sites?

Answer: YES! All T324 sites can be edited directly by clients. We can design sites where updates of content and photos are fast and easy. All T324 projects also include time at the end for training in updating and editing your web site. And of course, clients are welcome to call anytime with questions.

2. Question: If a client has a design, can we develop it into a web site?

Answer: YES! Have a design of the perfect website, but need help getting it online? We are perfect for this. We can take that customized design and make it work for the web. We had a client once come in with a beautiful photoshop design they had gotten from a designer. They loved the design, but needed to get it out of photoshop and onto the web.

3. Question: Can we get a site set up, then add to it in the future?

Answer: YES! Our sites are highly scalable. This means it is easy to add on ore functions at a later date. For example, you might start with a five page site, and later decide you want to add a shopping card. The way T324 builds sites ensures that these additions will be easy and affordable. Your site can grow as your business grows.

These are just three of the many, many questions we were happy to answer at the Business Expo. A big thank you to all the friends who stopped by our booth, and a thank you to the Chambers of Commerce for organizing the event.