Pacific Standard's New Website Sets Sail

Pacific Standard's New Website Sets Sail

Recently T324 came across a massive project with a straight forward name. Pacific Standard Services. Once we began researching the ocean of products offered by PSS, we soon realized this project would be anything but standard. This project was as big as the sprawling size of the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Standard needed a user friendly E-Commerce Website for it’s 40,000 plus products. 40,000! Pacific Standard Service's product offering is so ubiquitous, that you've probably eaten at a restaurant carrying their products sometime this week and not even noticed. While the sheer volume of the project was intimidating, we grinned at the challenge to venture forth into uncharted waters.

Pac Standard let us know very early that customer service is their top priority, and that needed to be reflect in the website by allowing customers ease of access when it came to making a purchase. So not only did we simplify the cart-to-cash-out process, but we made the site extremely mobile friendly. Why? Because in today’s market, customers often need solutions in an instant. And seeing as PSS largely offers parts and pieces to mechanical, customers are reaching out to them to fix appliances that cant wait.

But while customer service was tantamount in Pacific Standard’s mind, we also needed to keep in mind that making the site easily editable for them was a must to keep up with the constantly changing array of products they offer to satisfy a constantly growing market. So we made it easier for them to better serve themselves and their clients by building a products list that was easy to update from their end.

Another discovery we made along our voyage with the project was that PPS carries extremely hard to find products. Many of their customers described PSS as a rescue boat that comes to their rescue after drifting aimlessly in search of help. The team at PSS didn’t want to have their customers ever wait for help they needed. They wanted to preemptively respond to their SOS. So we suggested to them an advanced package for SEO. We optimized all avenues that their potential clientele might be searching for online to make sure that their customers get the help they need as soon as possible.  

The site we came up with definitely obtained all objects for both customer and seller, and we are happy to see Pacific Standard's new site set sail into the horizon of success.